Missouri State University

Project Initiation

Construction, Renovations, Modifications or Changes

Managed by Planning, Design & Construction

All construction, renovations, modifications or changes to existing facilities on campus requires a Project Request Form before work on a project may begin. When you see a need for improvements to a building, you may initiate the process  by completing the Project Request Form, obtaining the proper signatures, indicating the funding source, and submitting the Project Request Form to Planning, Design & Construction.

The required signatures include your Department Head or Supervisor, your Dean or Director and your Vice President or Provost.  These signatures indicate that the funding source is available and may be used for the project you are requesting.

When the properly completed Project Request Form is received in the Planning, Design & Construction department, the supervisor will assign the project to a Project Manager.  The Project Manager will contact you to assess your needs, determine the scope of work, resolve scheduling needs and work with you to achieve your goals.  The Project Manager will be responsible for complying with applicable laws, building codes, standards, regulations,  labor agreements, and overseeing the entire project until it is complete.  

NOTE: All signatures are not required if you are seeking an estimate only; however, the Project Request Form will be considered complete and will be closed upon delivery of an estimate.  This requires that another Project Request Form, including all required signatures, would be submitted for the work once the estimate is approved. 

If you would prefer to submit one Project Request Form, but require that an estimate be provided and approved prior to commencement of the work, you may submit a Project Request Form to include all required signatures and a note within the request that an estimate should be provided prior to proceeding.

Additional Space, Modifications to Existing Space, or Change in Use

Managed by University Support Services

All requests for additional space, modification to existing space, or any change to the specified use of space begins with a Facilities Request Form.  This document can be submitted electronically at https://www.missouristate.edu/supportservices/  or can be downloaded and submitted to University Support Services.

Custodial, Grounds, and Maintenance

Managed by Facilities Management

All requests for Custodial, Grounds, and Maintenance work begin with a Work Request through Facilities Management.  These type of requests must be done electronically at:  https://www.missouristate.edu/facilities/workrequest.htm


The Planning, Design & Construction department is here to serve their client, which is the University.  If you have any questions concerning any of this information please call the Planning, Design & Construction office at 836-5101 or e-mail your questions to: DesignandConstruction@missouristate.edu 


Additional information regarding all administrative service requests can be found at: https://www.missouristate.edu/admin/servicerequest/.


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