Missouri State University


The 25-acre West Plains campus is currently divided by numerous streets that impede pedestrian traffic and limit the future capability for campus growth. Closing streets will assist campus safety by reducing vehicle traffic and limiting access to interior campus space by outside constituents. With the closure of streets, walkways will be developed to improve pedestrian traffic. In addition, exterior lighting will be provided to improve the appearance and security of the campus during the evening hours. A wayfinding program is planned to navigate students and campus visitors to their desired locations.

As properties are acquired and streets are closed, new parking lots will be developed on the perimeter of the campus. The core of the campus will contain academic and auxiliary facilities and green space.

The low-lying land west of the Smith-London Bell Tower and east of Kellett Hall is noted for having standing water after heavy rains. In order to continue to develop the campus's exterior spaces, a water detention area is planned.

The existing basketball court near the recently completed Student Recreation Center is heavily used by students and the community.  An additional court and two sand volleyball courts will be constructed to enhance the recreation area.