Missouri State University


Student enrollment at the West Plains campus has increased two and a half times since 1991, the year the campus first occupied the current library building.  It was viewed as only a temporary answer to the need for a library and resulted conveniently from connecting and renovation a burned-out, depression-era building an a small building built in the 1960s.  The number of students served by the West Plains campus is projected to increase by another fifteen percent in the next five years.  With enrollment expected to continue to increase, a new, larger, more technologically-equipped facility designed for delivery of information services is needed to support the academic needs of the campus.

Direct by CBHE in 1995 to enhance existing degree programs and add others, the West Plains campus now offers fifteen degree programs (ten more than in 1991).  Additional programs are included in the long-range plan.  In addition, the West Plans campus has become a major resource as an academic outreach delivery site for thirteen bachelor's and master's degree programs from the Springfield campus.  The new library will serve as a powerful symbol of academic life.  It will contain traditional library space for contemplative study, and provide learning space for social, collaborative interaction, classrooms, faculty space, and community space.  It will house print materials, and access to technology and digital information, allowing the West Plans campus to continue its momentum toward developing a quality, academically-challenging program of study in each of its degree areas.