Missouri State University


Student enrollment at the West Plains campus has increased by 140% since 1991, the year the campus first occupied the current library building. The result of connecting and renovating a burned out, depression-era building and a small building built in the 1960�s; the Garnett Library was identified as a temporary fix. With enrollment expected to continue to increase, a new, larger, more technologically designed library is needed to support the academic needs of the campus.
In addition to offering 15 degree programs, the campus has become a major source for community-focused continuing education programs and an academic outreach delivery site for 6 bachelor and 5 master degree programs from the Missouri State University-Springfield Campus. The new library will provide books, reference materials, periodicals, electronic information resources and the technology to access them, allowing the West Plains campus to continue its momentum toward developing a quality, academically-challenging program of study in each of its degree areas.