Missouri State University

FY 2013-2014



Currently, the Art and Design department is housed in four separate buildings on the main campus, one in the downtown area and two of the Brick City buildings.  In order to consolidate the department, the University is in the process of moving the entire Art and Design department into two additional  renovated buildings within the Brick City complex.  The consolidation will provide students and faculty with proximity to each other along with galleries and opportunities in the community. The strong architectural and urban elements will enhance the program.


The goal to improve existing academic facilities is the theme of the multi-phased Facilities Reutilization Plan (FREUP).  Phase I of the four-phase FREUP program on the Springfield campus contributes to the University's goal of consolidating colleges geographically.    Kings Street Annex, Temple Hall and McDonald Arena will be renovated to accommodate academic and administrative requirements and enhance the programmatic mission by updating buildings and correcting deferred maintenance issues.

FACILITIES REUTILIZATION PLAN (FREUP) PHASE II                                                                                                                                 PUMMILL HALL/HILL HALL

In FREUP Phase II, the exterior of Pummill Hall will be upgraded to improve energy efficiency.  Classrooms, academic support areas, and offices within Pummill Hall will be renovated to provide a professional learning environment for students.  Full renovation will be performed on all four floors of Hill Hall to allow reconfiguration of academic and administrative space to meet requirements of the College of Education and the Department of Psychology in the College of Health and Human Services.


The College of Business has outgrown the existing facilities within Glass Hall.  Additional spaces along with renovations of the existing building are needed to keep the college current and competitive.  A new main entrance is needed for this building that will provide a sense of place for the students, faculty and alumni of the College.  New interior finishes are needed to replace the old, worn-out, outdated materials.  Improvements to common areas including a food court are planned to enhance the student experience.  A Student Success Center Addition is planned to house the college's career center, advising, corporate recruiter space and a board room.


The IDEA Commons is a geographic area in downtown Springfield that will include locations for spin-off commercialization of technologies and university programs that will create an environment to generate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the Springfield region. IDEA Commons is Missouri State University's vision and commitment to create a new type of urban research park that is blended with residential, retail and entertainment facilities, and supported by various university programs. This unique project will bring together Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Arts (IDEA) and is an example of how the University continues to be engaged in promoting the community's livability and economic success.


This new facility, located on the west mall between Kemper Hall and Glass Hall, will be an interdisciplinary science center for conducting research and providing undergraduate and graduate educational programs that address health and life science issues.  Its applied research and educational programs will be guided by regional and state needs, and the work within the Center will involve collaborations with education, healthcare, business, community service, and governmental organizations.  The research made possible by this facility is in concert with the public affairs mission of Missouri State University.        


The east side of Plaster Sports Complex needs attention to meet the needs of the students and community attending events here.  Future enhancements include improvements to the seating, improved concessions and restroom facilities as well as making the entire area a place full of activities on game days.  The University is interested in developing this area in such a way to serve the University throughout the year and not just be active during events held at the complex.


This property is being renovated into a facility to meet the expanding needs of the university and of IDEA Commons.  Planned occupancy for the renovated building includes the entrepreneurship and business development center, engineering, printing and postal services, and business incubators.   


A comprehensive study is underway to determine the best use of the facility for the University.  All options are being evaluated, including the best use for the structure as a residence hall and what possible other programs could be included in the facility to enhance the structure.


Research continues to expand within the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.  Much of this research is done through the aid of aquatics and small animals.  In order to properly house and care for these animals and provide space for research facilities, an addition to Temple Hall is planned. The addition would be designed to properly segregate the animals as needed along with providing a facility that will allow compliance with all animal care requirements. 


The University is beginning the process to develop a Welcome Center to greet all visitors and guests entering the campus.  This landmark building will include cutting edge technology to draw the interest of today's students.  Acting as a gateway to campus, phase l of this facility will offer comfortable lobby/reception area, offices, conference room, and a small auditorium.  The facility will be designed to reinforce its sense of place on the Missouri State University campus.