Missouri State University
FY 2012

Journagan Ranch

Local businessperson Leo Journagan and his family donated the family's Douglas County ranch acreage and assets to the Missouri State Foundation. When complete, the gift will include more than 3,300 acres, as many as 1,000 head of cattle, equipment and other ranch facilities.

The Journagan Ranch is about 30 minutes from Missouri State-Mountain Grove. The ranch opens new opportunities at the campus; Students who study wine production and grape biology will be just minutes from a natural landscape with genetic resources in native plants. In addition, students working at Journagan Ranch may be housed on the Mountain Grove campus and may enroll in Springfield classes through distance- education technology.

The 3,300-plus acres stretch over about seven miles. There are hills, woods, creeks, ponds, pastures, cropland and many other natural features defining southwest Missouri as well as wildlife including, bobcats, deer, hawks, owls, quail, and turkey.

Journagan Ranch has the 15th-largest herd of Polled Herefords in the United States. Herefords are known for being docile and for their ability to thrive in any environment. Journagan Ranch cattle are tough enough to handle Missouri's icy winters and blistering summers.

The ranch offers excellent opportunity for University research in topics including beef genetics and management, agroforestry, soils, water quality and wildlife conservation. There may also be opportunities for the University to invite alumni or the public to hike or horseback ride on the property.

Students will have the chance to work alongside the ranch manager and his team. They will see the day-to-day operation of a working ranch; delivering calves, giving veterinary care and getting the animals ready for sale at stockyards and auctions.