Missouri State University

FY 2004


This proposed facility of 5,184 square feet will provide sheltered storage space for existing and future field research equipment and expanded shop area.

This proposed facility will include a storefront sales area with adjoining cooler and apple grading area. It will serve as an example of a sales and storage area suitable for small direct market producers. The building will be used for the sale of extra fruit from the research and demonstration plantings, and will be featured on the annual elementary school tours.

Improvements to the parking lot south of Shepard Hall and east of the Classroom Building will provide paved parking for shared use of the facilities. The present Vehicle Storage Building will be relocated to the southeast part of the campus with an addition for grounds maintenance use. A second proposed lot will afford 60 parking spaces for students and the public. A third proposed parking lot west of Highway 95 will provide parking for staff and the public visiting the Horticulture Demonstration Area and proposed Fruit Sales Building. The proposed relocated road will replace the primarily one-way road and create two-way access throughout the campus. The proposed addition of sidewalks will further enhance circulation and safety on campus.