Missouri State University

Visioning Guides

The Visioning Guide is reviewed, updated and published each year by the Missouri State Master Planning Committee.  It remains in the "draft" stage for one very important reason.  The guide is a visual tool to be used by the University community to determine the best possible plans for the future growth of the University. 

The guide is published each year in brochure form, and is available in the University Architect's office, and Administrative and Information Services on the first floor of Carrington Hall directly south of the Bursar.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the current Visioning Guide please contact the office of the Planning, Design & Construction


View the Springfield Campus Visioning Guides:

    FY2013-2014 Visioning Guide 

    FY 2011-2012 Visioning Guide

    FY 2010 Visioning Guide

    FY 2009 Visioning Guide

    FY 2008 Visioning Guide

    FY 2007 Visioning Guide

    FY 2006 Visioning Guide

View the Mountain Grove Campus Visioning Guides:

    FY 2012 Visioning Guide 

    FY 2008 Visioning Guide

    FY 2006 Visioning Guide

    FY 2005 Visioning Guide

    FY2004 Visioning Guide   

    FY 2003 Visioning Guide

View the West Plains Campus Visioning Guide:

  FY 2012-2013 Visioning Guide

  FY 2011 Visioning Guide